Tramadol is a very popular medication that is used to treat both moderate and severe pain. When the treatment has to be done within a short span of time, tramadol is extremely handy. People who buy tramadol online and have a very disturbed past such as addiction to drugs or alcohol or have attempted to commit suicide should stay away from tramadol. If you are under the influence of any other drug or alcohol then consuming tramadol is not the right thing to do. Since the medication is extremely effective in a relatively short period of time, its consumption can become a habit subconsciously. Thus only those who have been prescribed by the doctor should consume tramadol. buy tramadol online An overdose of Tramadol can lead to such dangerous conditions as indomitable vomiting, seizures, respiratory suppression, respiratory obstruction, collapse, coma. In these cases, urgent medical care and therapeutic measures aimed at maintaining the functions of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are necessary. After the condition improves, symptomatic treatment is performed.

After the administration of the preparation, the maximal plasma concentration can be spotted within 2 hours. It associated with the blood of about 20% of the formulation; plasma’s half-life – 6 hours. It metabolizes in the liver, secretes in unchanged form and in the form of metabolites kidneys (90%), faeces (about 10%). buy tramadol online There are many drugs which should not be used with Tramadol. Be aware of these interactions as they can be fatal. Consult your doctor before using any other drug with Tramadol.

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A tablet that works like morphine and is another version of Ultram, buy tramadol online - it's a medication which is just like a synthetic analgesic. Till date no one can really say how it actually works on the patient however it does help a person who wants find a solution to the pain that they are undergoing. This is also beneficial for people who are suffering with problems like arthritis. In this article you will get to know some of the various benefits that this tablet offers the people who have it tramadol help migraines Unfortunately, this drug is widely used. Teenagers are at risk, when they buy Tramadol because of the low cost. Of course, the relevant authorities conduct strict control, but this does not prevent you from purchasing the drug illegally. The consequences are disastrous. Every year, the number of victims is growing rapidly. Therefore, young citizens should understand that this hobby has its consequences, which can end in death.

Úspěch mladých rybářů z Mladé Boleslavi

Úspěch mladých rybářů z Mladé Boleslavi na „Středočeském přeboru v rybolovné technice“

V neděli  17.5.2015 proběhlo jarní kolo středočeského přeboru v rybolovné technice v Sedlčanech. Závodů se zúčastnilo 10. družstev z 5. organizací středočeského kraje. Dohromady se zde sešlo 34 dětí. Závodníci byly rozděleny do čtyř kategorií – žák, žákyně, junior a novou kategorií byla kategorie trojboj (začátečníci, kteří se ještě víceméně učí disciplínu muška terče a muška dálka a na závodech ji tudíž vynechali). Reprezentantům naši MO a našeho města se závody vcelku vydařili, když ve všech kategoriích získali medaile.

P1010915 P1010905 P1010904

Výsledky našich závodníků

Kategorie trojboj (začátečníci):             ŠEDIVÝ Vojtěch – 1.místo

Kategorie žákyně:                                   KONOPKOVÁ Veronika – 2.místo

Kategorie žák:                                         LINHART Jan – 3.místo

                                                                 SUCHÝ Eduard – 7.místo

Kategorie junior:                                    ŠIMÁČEK Jan – 2.místo



Družstvo Mladé Boleslavi obsadilo 2.místo   uvedl Jan Linhart vedoucí mládeže MO

Výsledky družstev a jednotlivců jsou samostatnou přílohou.





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